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Our school organises an Active School Week as part of our annual school calendar. This is one of our favourite weeks of the school year. We wear our tracksuit bottoms for the whole week. Active homework is the only homework we receive. During Active School week we travel to school as actively as possible. For some this means walking the whole way to school and for others this means walking from the graveyard or the church car park.

Active School Week 2017-2018
This school year our Active School Week took place from 18 to 22 June. Here is a look at our Active Week Poster that Roisín Carroll made! As you can see on our Active Board there were lots of activities this year! We can all agree this our best Active Week yet. The whole school was in high spirits as the sun was shining and homework was a distant memory. Tracksuit bottoms replaced our unsual uniforms and we had different activities all week.

Monday - Sports Day
With thanks to Mrs. Austin our sports day took place on this day. Parents were welcome at 1pm. We started off the day by celebrating our renewed Active School Status by raising the Active School Flag. Mrs. Austin put a huge amount of effort into organising all the equipment for sports day as well as a timetable. Each class had twenty minutes per activity. These ranged from basketball, uni hoc, races, skipping, parachute games, welly throwing and lots more. At 1pm, parents and pupils gathered and we had a little ceremony to raise our second active flag. Members of the active committee spoke about activities we did throughout the year. Our parents races took place after this with two parents of Junior Infants winning- Elaine Kavanagh and Liamey Kenny! Well Done! There were joint winners in the 6th class boys race- Josh and Daniel. Roisin Carroll won the girls race. Congratulations to all. We would like to thank the parents council for providing ice creams as well as a bouncy slide on the day.
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Tuesday - Boxing
Dom Ryan a local fitness instructor came to school. He took each of the classes for 40 minutes. Here the classes got to try out boxing. All classes loved the challenge and it was nice to try something different. We tried lunges, squats and burpees. We punched pads using our boxing gloves. We also were up and down on the bouncy castle all day.
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Wednesday - School Tour and Zumba
Junior and senior Infants went to Kia Ora pet farm for their school tour. While first and second went to the Zoo! 3th to 6th did Zumba with Paula out on the court. As the sun shone down on us, we danced to some of our favourite songs. We soon realised that dancing was such good exercise as we were roasting after a few minutes!
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Thursday - School Tour and Zumba
3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class went to Tramore for their school tour and went surfing! This was without a doubt a very different sport for each to try and they loved every minute of it! Juniors to 2nd class took part in Zumba! A Great day was had by all!
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Friday - Basketball League
Our annual basketball league took place - Ita O Donoghue was the referee for the day. All the boys and girls from second class upwards took part. Congratulations to the winning teams. Three people were chosen by Ita to receive a medal for their excellent participation. These pupils were Roisin Carroll, Daniel Cronin and Jack Doyle Brownrigg. Jack received his medal for his excellent display of sportsmanship. Lastly it was time for the annual teachers against sixth class match! Ms. Maher, Ms. Brooks, Ms. Warren, Mr. Mc Garvey and Ms. O’ Brien played against the 6th class pupils. It ended in a draw - despite both teams giving it everything they had.
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Our active week has come to an end but we still have our Annual Fun Day on 26 June with Kildavin to look forward to!

Active School Week 2016-2017
The Active School Week of the 2016-2017 school year took place at the end of June 2017. On 30 May 2017, we had an extra Fun Day with Kildavin NS in the Ben Mulhall Memorial Park. Local GAA coaches came and held a blitz.

  • Monday 19 June we had our annual sports day. Activities ranged from races, basketball, unihoc, wellie throwing, penalty shootouts to going on a bouncing castle. Parents took part in a parent’s race. Parents were invited to school - the Mammy and Daddy races are always very popular with the children.
  • On Tuesday 20 June, we ended off on tour. We had such a lovely day and the sun shone down on us all. Activities varied from orienteering, soccer matches, kayaking to milking cows!
  • On Wednesday 21 June, Dom Ryan from Kildavin came to school and we took part in boxing! We used gloves practices jabs and punches. Some of us even learned how to do a burpee. The bouncing castle was here again and each class went out and played on it!
  • Thursday 22 June, we had yoga with Catherine and we cleaned up our school Garden. We also took part in drop everything and dance.
  • On Friday 23 June, our basketball league was held as well as the teacher verses student match!
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