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We are very active in school. This school year we started off with the Run Around Europe Challenge. On Wednesdays we all take a walk down to Huntington Castle and back. And we even have active homework! We try to think of new physical activities all the time. In a video our Active Committee is saying our active school slogan! This was the slogan that Carla came up with in December!

April 2018
Our school is a hive of activity at the minute and coaches can be seen walking up the path most days! On Monday Ita comes to the school and takes each class for half an hour of basketball. We also have tag rugby and GAA with Ger! As well as this our matches have begun! We are busy playing hurling and camogie at the minute! Soon basketball will begin, we have four basketball matches to play. Our lessons are also quiet active, Senior Infants and First class walked to the farm last week and fed baby lambs, Juniors are walking down the village for a teddy bears picnic!

March 2018
We had lots of snow and ice on yard at the beginning of March - as a result we didn’t get out as much as we usually do. But we ensured all children were active in their classroom! Look at 4th and 5th class dance to the YMCA song. The Active Committee ran a competition to promote 'Do your talking as your walking'. And all classes from 1st up to 6th designed a poster highlighting the importance of it. Three of these were selected and are displayed around the school and yard. We are hoping to get a walkway around the pitch so pupils can walk around it! In the photo gallery you can see the winning three pictures with three members of our active committee! Our active lines continue each morning. Ms. Nolan’s Senior ASD class leads the lines each morning! Thank you for all your help! New equipment was introduced on yard - we now have rings and cones for target practice.

On Wednesday 14 March John Kavanagh from Active School Ireland came to our school. He watched classes doing warm ups, others dancing, looked at our PE facilities, our yards, our active boards. He was really impressed with our school as well as our committee. He spoke about our school and our website. The children on the Active Committee spoke to him about various parts of our Active School. They spoke about Active homework, playground leaders, Run Around Europe, our surveys and lots more. Thank you to each member of the committee for working so hard - you really did yourselves proud!

Our Ceilí mór took place on the 16th of March! Each class displayed their dancing ! Great work by all involved!
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February 2018
We have been very busy doing lots of extra activities. Our playground leaders have brought the parachute out to the infant yard. They have also played with bean bags and targets. We even had music on the infant yard! Lots of dance moves were on show. Hoola hoops and skipping ropes are now on the senior yard. They are going down like a treat on yard! We are now hoping to introduce music onto the senior yard! We encourage ‘Do your talking as your walking‘, so as everybody is exercising at break time! Our committee made posters highlighting the need for 60 minutes exercise each day. These are now on display around the school! We are now running a competition to see who can create the best poster to promote ‘Do your talking as your walking’. At the beginning of school each day we spend a minute or two raising our heart rates by getting active in our lines! This means we start our day in an active way and our concentration is better in class! Also, our Senior ASD class are busy warming up the pupils each morning before school with jumping jacks and squats as well as running on the spot! Watch the videos below. Thank you to Mrs. Nolan and her class for doing this! We are now looking forward to our Ceili more for seachtain na gaeilge in a few weeks.
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January 2018
Three sixth class volunteers come down to the infant yard at big break on a Mondays and Tuesdays to help the infants play with parachutes, bean bags, hoola hoops and lots more. We took some pictures of our playground leaders. We hope to get playgroup leader bibs in March. We held a competition for an active slogan – we are now learning our slogan. There is a picture of our winner and our slogan. We are lucky enough to have Huntington Castle in our village. We walked there at Halloween and Christmas. Thank you Clare and Alexander for allowing us to visit. During January Operation Transformation is on television. We have decided to do ten minutes exercise at ten o’ clock every day for three weeks. This has been great fun so far. We are introducing hoola hoops up onto the senior yard. Between the different areas such as basketball, skipping and softball all pupils should be active at break time! Remember to do your talking as your walking.
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September 2017
For the Run Around Europe Challenge, each class will be running a few laps each day. Junior Infants will be running to London, which is 597 km from Dublin. Older classes will be running to Amsterdam and Luxembourg. We will do this over two weeks. We hope to run to many different cities.

Class Laps Destination
Junior Infants 4 Paris
Senior Infants / First Class 4 Luxembourg
Second Class 4.5 Berne
Third / Fourth Class 5 Berlin
Fourth / Fifth Class 5.5 Amsterdam
Sixth Class 6 Copenhagen
ASD Classes 4 London