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Maths Week

Maths Week is organised nationally in October each year. Its aim is to create a positive image of maths and to raise an awareness of the importance of the subject. It encourages us to think of how we use Maths in our everyday lives. It is not just a text book subject but something very real and useful. Every class actively participates in Maths Week activities each year.

15 - 23 October 2016
In our school, every class was engaged in interesting and thought provoking activities that enabled them to see maths as an enjoyable activity that has relevance to their lives. Teachers used the environment as they completed various activities.

Ms O’ Brien’s class went on a shape hunt throughout the school and were amazed at all the shapes they found. Mrs Sheppard’s class used their “Maths Eyes” to examine the local area and then had great fun challenging each other to make and solve maths problems based on their findings. Other classes explored capacity, shapes, fractions and patterns. The children engaged in number fan games, match stick puzzles, tessellations with magsnaps, interactive whiteboard games, making shapes with their bodies and even with marshmallows! There were competitions to find the “Tables champions” and maths was integrated into other areas of the curriculum. It was a very enjoyable and worthwhile week.
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