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About Our ASD Unit

ASD means Autistic Spectrum Disorder and to be included in an ASD class in any school, the child must have a diagnosis of ASD. Children receive such a diagnosis having been assessed by a muti-disciplinary team which typically includes a psychologist/clinical psychiatrist, an occupational therapist, and a speech and language therapist.

People diagnosed with ASD are on a spectrum – their symptoms and characteristics present in different ways and vary from very mild to severe. No two children with ASD are the same – just as no two children in a mainstream class are the same. Many people with a diagnosis of ASD are high achievers. It is widely believed that Albert Einstein, Amadeus Mozart and Sir Isaac Newton, among other famous people, displayed signs of autism – long before multi-disciplinary teams made an official diagnosis.

People with Autism have difficulties in communicating and in forming relationships with others, in developing language and in making sense of the world around them. Their difficulties are generally under the following headings:

  • Social communication
  • Social interaction
  • Social imagination
  • Sensory processing

In our school we emphasise and celebrate the positive qualities of the children in our classes – both in mainstream and the ASD classes. Integration and reverse integration are an accepted way of life here. Children from the ASD classes join their mainstream peers for many classes each day and lunch and break periods provide wonderful opportunities for social interaction. The learning is a two way process, with both groups benefitting from their interactions.

We have two ASD classes in the school: a Junior class and a Senior class. Under DES regulations, a class typically consists of 6 pupils, a class teacher and two SNAs.

To learn more about the wonderful work in both our ASD classes go to Junior ASD Class and a Senior ASD Class.