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About the Junior ASD Class

Our teacher - Eithne Ryan

Welcome to our class. Mrs Ryan is our teacher. We have a wonderful classroom where we have great fun learning through lots of hands on activities.

Our classroom has four work areas, 3 toilets and a storeroom. There is a large open area where we work in groups, with the teacher or one of the SNAs or at our individual work stations. Sometimes we listen to a story, or sing songs or have circle time in this area. We have an area near the sink for paint, water and messy play. We also have an LCD touch screen which is used for interactive work and learning tasks. This is connected to the laptop. And we have access to 3 PCs and an iPad.

In one of the other rooms, we can bounce around on space hoppers and large round or peanut shaped balls. We also do exercises, ring games and dance in there. This room has a soft floor covering and soft padding on the walls. Another favourite area is the multi-sensory room. We can relax and watch shapes projected on the wall. We can use the dressing up clothes, play with soft toys, engage in drawing and writing activities on vertical surfaces, use wheeled play equipment and practise aiming and target throwing and enjoy the swinging chair. There is a smaller room, a play area with a sand tray, jigsaws, cars, farms, train set, lego and board games.

All of these activities help with our fine and gross motor development. These areas also provide opportunities for us to practise our social skills. We use visual schedules to help us navigate through the day. At circle time we share our news, and investigate numbers, weather and letter sounds. This is a time when we discuss upcoming events and social behaviours. We use the outside soft play area regularly when the weather allows, we love the slide. We join our friends from Ms O'Brien's, Mrs Abbey's and Ms Brooks' class for work and activities. We love when they come to visit our classroom and share our activities. We go swimming once a week for 10 weeks in the autumn term. This is an activity that we absolutely love.

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