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Here you can read all about the activities that keep us busy. To download a photo, click on the icon 'Open image in new window' in the upper right-hand corner beside the photo, then right click on the image and choose 'Save image as'. Go to the news archive in the right navigation for activities of previous school years.

September 2018
This month we read a story on Twinkl called “Don’t Hog the Hedge”, a story about a hedgehog named Hattie who hibernates and makes new friends. We also went outside, and collected autumn leaves, and stuck them onto trees for art. We learned about different types of tree. We learnt about foxes, and read “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl. We planted flowers in boxes. First, we got the flowers out of the pots, then we put them in the boxes, and added some compost. We planted ivy, violas, green and red berries, and ornamental cabbage. We learned all about shapes. We created 2D and 3D shapes out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We did maths acrostic poems. We learned about the history of Hallowe’en. We learnt 3 Hallowe’en poems. We wrote Hallowe’en sentences in our free writing copies using Hallowe’en nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We redecorated the classroom for Hallowe’en, and put Hallowe’en silhouettes in the window, bats, a cat, a witch on a broomstick, and a moon with a face. We learnt about Inis Oirr, part of the Aran Islands, a group of three islands off the coast of Galway. Mrs Warren likes to paint pictures of parts of Inis Oirr. Mrs Warren’s mum used to live on Inis Oirr.
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