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Here you can read all about the activities that keep us busy. To download a photo, click on the icon 'Open image in new window' in the upper right-hand corner beside the photo, then right click on the image and choose 'Save image as'. Go to the news archive in the right navigation for activities of previous school years.

February 2019
The biggest thing we did in February was the Peace Proms. The whole class went down to Waterford, WIT, and performed singing and dancing to various popular songs. The most popular medleys we did were the Pop Songs 2019 and songs from The Greatest Showman. There was an orchestra of young people there rom all over Ireland, and there were a few young soloists as well. Our favourite piece was when they performed Shallow from A Star is Born.

In February we all did a project about Brazil. We worked in pairs. After we finished the project we all presented our projects on the visualiser in the classroom. In PE we all learned about landing on our feet. We did a lot of exercises and games. One exercise was when one person was standing on a chair and their partner would jump up to their hand and try to land without a sound. We all have been reading this one book Tom's Midnight Garden.We have read 9 chapters so far. In English we continued with recounts. Most of us did autobiographies and some of us did biographies about other people - mostly Daniel O Connell. We read an extract from Roald Dahl's autobigraphy.

Late in February we all made Queen Cakes and ate them. They were very nice. We read a little story in Irish which is called Athru Aeraide it is about children going on strike all around Europe on the 15th of March 2019. We also did marbling. It is when you put marbling ink on a basin of water and put paper on top. They are now on the window. We created beautiful patterns with it. In Maths we completed percentages and decimals.
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January 2019
In January, for music we had Peace Proms. We sang old songs like I Will Survive and Freak Out. Our grandparents knew those. We also sang pop songs from 2018 and 2019 like Ed Sheeran's Castle on the Hill and Miley Cyrus Party in the USA. The song that most people enjoyed is party in the USA. We learned actions to go with the songs on our digital whiteboard that teacher put on every day for usto learn. We also went to Waterford to practise with the conductor. He was very funny and knows a lot about music. Every Friday we went to a classroom to practise our songs.

In art we learned how to sew. Our teacher showed us how to sew. We put our initials on a piece of hessian. It was hard to put the thread into the needle. But one of the boys was very good at putting the thread into the needle so he did that for everyone. In PE we did gymnastics and balance. We did a lot of activities and games.The most popular games are lazy river and shape detective. Both of them worked on our balance. We all really enjoyed PE. In maths we did decimals, percentages and fractions. Our teacher showed us how to convert decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals. At the start they were hard but now they are getting easy.

In English we are studying recounts, clauses and complex sentences. We did an exercise where you put clauses in the write places. We did complex sentences in our English copy and everyone worked very hard. In Irish we learned about bia. We read a story called beigil in our Bun go Barr. We learned all the names of food and played games. In history we learned about Ireland in the 17th and 18th century. We learned about the battle of Vinegar Hill and Robert Emmet and his speech and his rebellion. In Geography we started our projects about Brazil. Everyone was put into groups of two or three and were giving a topic, and we researched it.
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December 2018
In December we did a lot for Christmas. We did a Carol service in the church for all the parents. Our class worked hard at the beautiful Wexford Carol. We went for a christmas walk to Huntington Castle and went for a walk inside it. It was spooky. Santa Claus came to our school and gave us selection boxes. In our class we spent the month doing printing for art, and we made 6 Christmas cards each. In the printing we used ink and styro foam. We would draw the design we wanted to do on a peice of paper and then draw it onto the styro foam with a marker. Then we cut it deeply with a pencil.That is called etching. We put paint on a roller and rolled it over the stamp. And lastly we stamped them onto a Christmas card. Our parents thought the Christmas cards were cool We also did drama improvisations. That is when you are given an opening line and you have to continue.
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November 2018
In the month of November our class was very busy. Some of our class took part in indoor hurling. Our class learned about women's votes and we drew posters on votes for women. We learned about the eye and the ear and we did a few tests on our eyes. We did map reading. We looked up maps of the area on the internet and identified our homes. The new printed off a map of the village and marked places on it, as we walked around the village with compasses directing. Our class created a scarf dance dancing to Night on a Bare Mountain. It was great fun. We went on a walk in the yard listening to sounds and writing down how loud they were. We played Away in a Manger on our recorders
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October 2018
We had great fun in October. We went to Bunclody tech for the open day and it was very interesting. We decorated buns, did an Irish quiz, looked at the laser maching in woodwork, played the ukulele, tried to heat up a ball and put it through a ring, and played games in the hall. Mr Townsend came for a few weeks in October. We did lots of drama and other subjects; he also helped train the football team. We had lots of fun in maths week. We made a chair out of newspaper and two boys sat on it to see how long it could hold a child's weight. We also did math homework we had to see how tall every one in our family is. We made a worry monster with Mr Townsend. We got into groups and did a project on different people from the Renaissance. We learnt a Hallowe'en song called Ghosts in music, and performed it in rounds. It was fun doing actions and learning the lyrics. We were learning about counties around Ireland and also did a fun game on the computer to see how well we knew the counties. We learnt all about our skeleton in science and also did a fun computer game on that as well, where we had to put the bones in the right place to put the body back together again. The boys' and girls' teams from our school got into the football final; the boys against Kildavin and the girls against Old Leighlin. In art, we did op art. This is based on optical illusion and usually has repeating patterns. It can sometimes make you dizzy to look at it. On our last day, we all dressed up and you can see the pictures here.
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September 2018
September was a busy month. The gardens looked great when we came back so we all tasted the lovely ripe apples. We did lots of art. We did paintings to remind us of our summer holidays and we cut pictures of the holiday countries out of them. Most of us stayed in Ireland. We also considered people with disability, and did art based on that. Someone Like Me was the name of the theme. We also did a lot of work an fabric and fibre. We started with appliqué. We cut out shapes of hearts, bows, llamas and tractors out of coloure felt and stitched it onto black felt. They looked great.

The children who didn't play in the football matches did knitting when we stayed behind. The footballers were very busy. The boys won against Myshall and lost against Kildavin. The girls lost against Myshall and won against Kildavin. We were busy with music too. We learned the song After the Gold Rush and started playing the recorder again. We've been working on Three Blind Mice. In PE we did Athletic activities involving running. Since then we've been swimming, and many children took part in the cross country running. We even did gardening and planted some winter flower boxes. In English we wrote folktales. They were very enjoyable. In history we learned about the Renaissance.
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