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Here you can read all about the activities that keep us busy. To download a photo, click on the icon 'Open image in new window' in the upper right-hand corner beside the photo, then right click on the image and choose 'Save image as'. Go to the news archive in the right navigation for the 2015-2016 and the 2016-2017 school year activities.

April 2018
During the month of April, we finished our Tunisia projects and now have them hanging up outside our classroom for everyone to see. Most people were working in pairs, so the majority of the standard of work was very high. We also started our stay safe programme which takes place after big lunch on Mondays. We were recently disscussing how bullying should be handled.

Our hurling matches got off to a good start this year with our first match against Kildavin. Both the boys and the girls won at the grounds of Spellman Park. Ita started Basketball with our class after lunch on Mondays. She is also currently the referee in our Basketball matches. A rugby coach named Larry comes in from Tullow RFC on Wednesdays. We get to play tag rugby for the last 40 minutes of the day which puts most people in a good mood for the rest of the day.

In science this year we started Force as some experiments. What we did was made two ramps with books to stand them up. Our experiment was to find out how many centimetres a marble or mini race car could go by rolling off the ramps. We used a measuring tape to see what measures it made. Most of them made 1m or more with the marble. The race car barely got anywhere.

In P.E. we finally got outside to play games outdoors. We practised catching and throwing, high and low, short to wide distances. During Golden Time on Fridays, we often got out to have a game of soccer or basketball too. We had also completed Pop Art in Art during April by painting pictures. These pictures are now hung upon a display board. Mrs. Warren brought some of the fifth class girls and boys to a soccer blitz in Tullow. The boys played four matches and won one, drew one and lost two. The girls also played four matches and won two and lost two.
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March 2018
March was a busy month, as we prepared for Confirmation. Our singing was practised until it had almost reached perfection, and there were some amazing artistic productions. While there was great excitement when the snow arrived, some grumbles at the inevitable restrictions were eventually heard. In the midst of the Confirmation preparations the Lá Glas for St Patrick's Day proved a very enjoyable distraction. After all the hard work of the term everybody was ready for the Easter holidays.
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February 2018
We had some fun times this month. Our class got very involved in the daily dance routine, and became quite adept at the daily dances. YMCA became a fast favourite, and they have almost perfected it. Pancake Tuesday was another exciting day. We all got to make some and everybody enjoyed their share. Even two shares if they were lucky.
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January 2018
Fourth and fifth class started back full of energy, ready to settle down to work after all the excitement of the preparations for the Christmas concert. We started our gymnastics session which we have been doing in the hall on Tuesdays. Active school participation is still going on. Looking to the future, we have started to prepare for Confirmation, and the participants are already looking forward to that.
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December 2017
December was a particularly busy month. We finalised our preparations for the Christmas play, “Away with the Manger”, which involved dressing up as police officers, thieves, schoolchildren, teachers, caretakers and some of the Nativity characters. The lines were learned, the play perfected and performed and the songs were sung. We also said goodbye to Mrs Cosgrave. On the day of the holidays we had a trip to the castle, and said hello to the goat from Bóthar. A very busy time indeed.
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November 2017
November was a busy time where we started to get ready for Christmas. In this month the school sadly said goodbye to Mrs Sheppard who had taught all of fourth and fifth class for at least one year. We made a card to show our appreciation. Music Generation continued with the class getting great enjoyment out of the lessons as usual. In art we looked at cubism, particularly at the works of the Irish artist Mainie Jellett. You can see the excellent work of the class in the photo. Knitting has also proved to be a popular activity with the children getting great enjoyment out of the new skill. In history we studied the Industrial Revolution, and then made 3D representations inspired by what we had learned. We had factories, there were steam engines, tractors and ships, machines of all kinds, and houses were built. There was a unique phone, a gun, a doll to show the clothes worn in the past, and a sculpture to show the desolation felt by the children who were forced to labour in mines and factories.
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October 2017
This year we had a very busy October. Some of the boys and girls took part in the Cumann na mBunscol football league. The girls did a great job of winning all their matches and so they qualified straight into the semi-final. The boys unfortunatly lost their first match vs Kildavin but they won against Myshall and Carlow Educate Together so they got to the semi-final as well. Unfortunately the girls lost by 3 points against Drumphea and the boys lost by 2 points against Tynnock in extra-time.

Pupils also took part in the Credit Union art competition, and these are some of the pieces they created. And for Halloween we loved going down to the castle for our Halloween walk. We had a very fun time in October.
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September 2017
Fourth and fifth class have bounced back and have got involved in the school year. They have made mosaics, inspired by what the Romans used to do, and we have used mind maps to help with our science. Between active schools, football success and emotion walks there has never been a dull moment.
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