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Here you can read all about the activities that keep us busy. To download a photo, click on the icon 'Open image in new window' in the upper right-hand corner beside the photo, then right click on the image and choose 'Save image as'. Go to the news archive in the right navigation for the 2015-2016 and the 2016-2017 school year activities.

January 2018
We continue our weekly work with Connor, our class teddy, and he continues to have great adventures with the pupil of the week. January was a special month where we celebrated Catholic School’s Week and in particular Grandparent’s Day. We spent a lot of time preparing for this day by researching life when our grandparents were young. We created posters in honour of our grandparents and drew pictures and printed photos. We displayed these around the classroom on Grandparent’s Day and were delighted to see so many grandparents come to visit us in our classroom. We discussed our work and compared it to schools long ago by listening to their stories. We sang songs for them, played music and games from long ago to entertain our visitors. We had a wonderful time!
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December 2017
We have had such a busy schedule these last number of weeks preparing for our Christmas Concert. A lot of hard work, learning lines, actions, songs and preparing sets and costumes has been taking place behind the scenes. We looked forward to showing our talents to our friends and family and had such a wonderful time putting on our three shows for parents and families and also some shows for our friends and teachers in school. What a great experience. Hollywood here we come!

Following our busy and tiring start to December we got back down to work. We learned how to construct a timeline by finding the oldest teddy bears we could find and ordered them from oldest to newest. Everyone brought in or talked about a teddy bear they had at home. Our oldest bears were approximately 60 years old. How different they looked from a brand new bear!

All the hard work from December paid off and we celebrated our Christmas break with a wonderful walk to Huntington Castle with all the other classes, chatting to Santa and of course seeing our Bóthar Goat. What a lovely time to spend with our friends!
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November 2017
Conor is our new class teddy bear and he has been getting used to Clonegal and the surrounding areas each weekend when he visits the pupil of the week’s house. Check out our photos as we discuss our adventures! We had visitors from 6th class this month telling us all about diabetes. They did a lot of research and created an excellent project around the medical condition. We celebrated world diabetes day by wearing something blue to school in honour of all the people who live with diabetes everyday. Well done 6th class on your work and teaching us!

Our theme for this month in our class was Australia. We learned so much about the country and continent through discussion, reading and online research on our school laptops. Mrs McCabe brought in lots of artefacts from Australia as did some of the pupils in our class. Mrs McCabe showed us a whip and brought us outside while we watched her “crack the whip!”. We created some beautiful Aboriginal art pieces and made Didgeridoos in music. We created individual projects about Australia and presented them to the class. Some people even received awards and prizes for the effort they put into their learning. Well done class and we are looking forward to our next project!
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October 2017
This month we have been getting hands on with our learning! As we had been learning about homes from around the world, we made our own mud homes in science! We investigated how materials change when you add different things to them. We predicted what materials when added to mud and clay and water would make the strongest walls in a mud house. We discovered the two best materials to add were grass/moss and straw! These walls were the least crumbly and held together the best when the teacher and some of the pupils put it to the test and tried to squash them!

We introduced a new movement break to our classrooms this month called D.E.A.D! Drop Everything And Dance. We’ve got some good moves here in second class! We learned all about chocolate in our class reader this month. Did you know that chocolate comes from a bean on the cacao tree! What better way to learn about chocolate than to eat it! We completed procedural writing by writing out the recipe for chocolate cornflakes cakes and our reward at the end of the week was to make them and eat them! Yum!

We’ve been back on the laptops again this month learning about hedgehogs and were lucky enough to have some great helpers from sixth class to give us a hand at learning some new skills. We even learned about a new website called Padlet that allows us to type on teachers board with her! How cool is that! Cliff has been busy again this month travelling around to different pupil’s houses! He continues to get up to great adventures!

We really enjoyed our art this month where we used special paint for fabric. We are celebrating our differences in second class and even though we know we are all different, we also learned that we are very alike in some ways! With the help of our teacher we designed and made a class blanket called “Someone Like Me” as part of an art competition. Doesn’t our work look lovely when it’s all put together! Finally this month we finished off for our Halloween holidays with Halloween traditions in a great day of dressing up and activities. Our trip to the castle was great fun!
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September 2017
We’re back in school and September is all about settling in and getting to know each other again! In history, we learned about artefacts and we all had the chance to bring in an artefact from our own history. We presented these to our class telling them all about our personal items from when we were younger.

Cliff is our class teddy and he spends the week in class watching and learning along with us. At the end of the week, the pupil of the week brings Cliff home with them and he becomes part of their family. On Monday, they return to school and as part of our English oral language lessons, the pupil of the week tells us all about the adventures they got up to and their stories are always very entertaining!

We have been very busy using our school laptops in our learning. We use them to do research on new topics that we are learning about. We type some of the things we learn too and create some interesting projects. This month we learned about elephants and homes from around the world. We are an active school and we try to get one or two active breaks into our busy day every day! We go on trips around Europe by walking and jogging laps of the court! Movement breaks keep our bodies and brains fit and healthy!
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