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Here you can read all about the activities that keep us busy. To download a photo, click on the icon 'Open image in new window' in the upper right-hand corner beside the photo, then right click on the image and choose 'Save image as'. Go to the news archive in the right navigation for the 2015-2016 and the 2016-2017 school year activities.

March 2018
We fit in some science experiments in March looking at the effects of friction when moving heavy objects. We used ball bearings/marbles to reduce the friction and recorded our findings. A visiting teacher from the PDST came to help the teachers develop some new skills in relation to Gymnastics in P.E. We were lucky enough to be chosen to try out these new activities. In the months leading up and including March we have been very busy preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, including making fabulous posters for the Church and completing our scrapbooks. On the 21st of March Bishop Dennis, Fr. O’Byrne and Fr. Fleming made our Confirmation Day very special and personal and we thank our teachers, SNAs, Mrs. O’Rourke, parents, guardians and our sponsors for helping us to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit. To finish off the month of March we had Seachtain Na Gaeilge with the Lá Glas, we had a very competitive Tráth na gCéist with mixed teams from 2nd up to 6th class followed by our assembly with dancing, singing and recorder playing. Maith Sibh Go Léir!
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February 2018
Finishing up our work on the class novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ we painted our impression of the main character ‘Shmuel’ as seen by the other main character ‘Bruno’. Keeping up the active work for our Active Flag Renewal we did 10@10 every day as well as Drop Everything And Dance every opportunity we got. We also have active homework which we try to do every day. Thanks to Ms. O’Brien and the active committee for all their efforts to encourage us to be more active. We also had a visiting speaker to talk to us about Climate Change and its effect on our lives, our climate and the biodiversity of our surroundings.
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January 2018
January got off to a sick start with many days of high absenteeism but we’re back in good health now. We had a gathering in Carlow Cathedral for Catholic Schools’ Week and our representative took the school’s Petition Prayer Box with our prayers for our families. We finally finished our World War 2 projects and presented our research to the class. We also finished reading the novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne and the majority of the class agreed that it was an excellent read and gave us a fantastic insight into life during the war. We also created our own portraits of what we imagine the character Shmule looks like. As part of our Active School’s flag renewal we are doing ‘10 @ 10’ daily to improve our activity levels in the classroom. January in P.E. we’ve been doing gymnastics, working on coordination, balance, handstands and cartwheels. Ger has also been working on our fitness levels and football skills. We also found time to do some buddy reading with Junior Infants and to help them to keep active. Finally preparations for Confirmation are in full swing; we’re preparing a new hymn and reading the bible learning about the Ten Commandments.
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December 2017
We are doing Drop Everything And Dance (D.E.A.D) daily as part of our Active Christmas Challenge. It was great fun and we all really enjoyed doing it every day in order to renew our Active School Flag. As part of the Bunclody Bake-off competition we won last December, we received a cheque for €1,500. We made a delicious Cinemapple cake which was on sale all year in Bunclody’s Supervalu. We earned a euro for each cake sold. In total 996 cakes were sold but very generously Supervalu rounded it up to 1,500 Euro. We are hoping to use the money we won to buy an oven for the school so that a lot more baking can be done by the whole school. Thank you to all the staff in Bunclody’s Supervalu and all of you who bought the cake during the year. As always Santa arrived in to see us just before the Christmas holidays with his mischievous elves and we also went on our annual Christmas Walk to the castle.
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November 2017
November was full of preparation for the Intel Mini Scientist Competition. We presented four projects to the three judges from Intel:
1. Diabetes in the World around us
2. The Potato Electric Project
3. Which Organs can you live without and Why?
4. It’s Rocket Science
The judges felt the standard was extremely high but ultimately they awarded first prize to the ‘Diabetes in the World around us’ project and second prize went to ‘Which Organs can you live without and Why?’. Congratulations to all who worked so hard to impress the judges. Everyone that participated got an amazing prize bag and the winners and runners up got an even better prize bag. We all really enjoyed taking part in this competition, thank you Intel.
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October 2017
During maths week we played lots of tables games and had competitions with our number fans. We worked really hard on science as our dead line is very soon. On the Friday before our Halloween break we dressed up in our costumes and had a party, we also went on a walk down to Huntington castle.
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September 2017
In the fist month back at school we went out and picked apples from the tree. We also started a project on Clonegal and its history. And we started laps around the court for run around Europe.
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