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Green Schools
Green Schools

The green schools programme involves the whole school and so every child and staff member in the school plays their part in recycling, saving energy and conserving water. But for its successful implementation a Green Schools Committee with representatives of pupils and teachers was elected to ensure we are doing everything we can to stay green. They are meeting at lunch break once a month to discuss all matters green.

Global Citizenship
We are working on the theme Global Citizenship (Litter and waste) but we must also continue working on previous themes. The Global Citizenship Litter and Waste theme is concerned with creating knowledge and understanding about the link between environmental degradation and human rights. If we can create real change locally it will help create a more equitable just and sustainable globe for all. Our actions may be small but they can have a real impact globally. So we are encouraging people to think before they act. For example: Could this item be recycled rather than dumped? Do I really need to drive or could I cycle or walk?

The Green Schools programme requires involvement from the whole school community and the wider community in order to protect the environment for future generations.

What can we all do to stay green?

  • Pick litter.
  • Recycle by making items from old packaging.
  • Throw fruit peels, used tea bags, pencil parings, weeds from the garden and all other compostable materials into a compost bin.
  • Collect rainwater and use it to water flowers and vegetables.
  • Put a plug in the sink when washing up and washing vegetables.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  • Have a quick shower instead of a bath.
  • Wait until the dishwasher/washing machine is full before running a cycle.
  • Check for leaks and dripping taps and have them fixed immediately.
  • Install a Little Hippo or other displacement device in your cistern to help reduce the amount of water wasted when flushing the toilets.
  • Put in push taps so save approximately three times more water than twist taps.

Previous Green Flags
We are continuing to maintain and improve on work carried out for previous themes:
5th Green Flag in 2016: Bio-diversity
4th Green Flag in 2014: Transport
3rd Green Flag in 2012: Water conservation
2nd Green Flag in 2010: Energy
1st Green Flag in 2008: Waste